Project C.U.R.E.

Project the largest provider, worldwide, of donated medical equipment and supplies to hospitals and clinics in more than 130 developing nations. They have been a non-profit charitable 501(c) (3) organization since 1987. They operate 6 major distribution centers and 9 US collection locations. Call Kathy Hrenko at 610 345-0410 if you would like to volunteer or just want a tour of the facility. It is located at 8 Federal Road, West Grove, PA (Jennersville exit off Route 1).

Rose Court

Rose Court needs volunteers to bring ladies (and gentlemen) to the Salon at Rose Court for their hair appointments. This involves pushing them to the salon in a wheelchair and back to their room when they are finished. The stylists are not allowed to transport customers and sometimes the aides are too busy. Imagine how you would feel if you couldn’t get to your hair appointment!!! They also need help to distribute the mail. 


Grab bars

Grab bars have begun to be installed in all bathrooms in all apartments in OT and MC.  This is considered a retro fit and no one will be charged for having shower bars installed. 

Not Getting Notices?

Some people have mentioned that they asked for notices to be emailed instead of being placed in their cubby, but they are not getting them in either place. Until a remedy can be found it was suggested that they remove green sticker on their cubby so they will receive written notices.

Name tags

It’s a good idea to wear your name tag every time you leave your apartment. Accidents happen and if you have identification it helps everyone who is trying to help you. 

Medical Equipment

Do you have unneeded medical equipment that someone else could use? Contact Charlotte H. 

coeburne cafe

You can buy food at the Coeburn Cafe by paying a la carte in cash or asking for resident charge or using your flex plan to buy a whole meal.  Make sure you tell the cashier which you want to do before she rings you up. 


DO NOT put your recycling items into plastic bags. They must be placed loosely in the recycling containers or in PAPER bags or (in the case of large cardboard boxes) broken down flat and placed up against wall. 


call General services

General Services will begin installing grab bars by the beginning of February. They will be installed in showers and tubs in both bathrooms and there will be NO CHARGE for this service.

Air vents can be moved so air flow is directed out or to the side instead of down 

Emergency Pull Cord: If the red light is lit up on your emergency button that means it isn’t working. Contact General Services. If you pull the cord by accident you can push up the reset button to turn call off.

If you have a package with sensitive information for UPS pick-up, take it to the Staples in the shopping center. It is left out unattended on the lobby counters.

There is a trash can and a recycling can at the far end of the parking garage for residents who need to dispose of trash on non-trash days.

area events
Newlin Grist Mill

8.5 miles of hiking trails, picnic area, historical buildings, actual working mill, programs for every age! This is a treasure 5 minutes from Maris Grove. Free admission.

Longwood Gardens

Chadds Ford Winery

Holds events every weekend. Check their website.

Area towns have events. Best bets are Media, West Chester, and Kennett Square. 

mushroom festival  Sept 7 – 8, 2019

Fun for the whole family, kids’ rides, crafts, food, music and MUSHROOMS!!