What’s what where we live

Avon Grove Lions Medical Equipment Program

The Avon Grove Lions have a barn in West Grove were they collect and distribute used medical equipment. 
If you have a donation or want to borrow something  call 484-883-0515 or email Bob@aglions.com. 

Register for the mg web page

Get in touch with Kimberly S. , Olivia, or Kim P. or the MG Computer Club

Computer Club iPhone/ipad classes

 The Computer Club is sponsoring free iPhone/iPad classes for beginners. Classes are held on the second Thursday of each month from 2:00 –  3:30 p.m. in the RC Theater.  This is an all volunteer group that can help you with many computer and smart phone needs. Please contact Jack C. Their web page is MG3C.org. If you have a question or problem they can’t help you with MG also has computer help available. Call General Services. 

Rose Court Library and Reading to Residents

LaVerne M is a Library Volunteer at Rose Court. Her goal is to build up library and recruit volunteers.  She asked for donations of paperback books, large print books and people to visit and read to residents. Another goal was for volunteers to just sit and be company for residents. LaVerne said folks could give her the books or leave them at the front desk.

“Helping Hands”

Help your neighbors! The goal of this group is for residents to help others who live in their building. If your neighbor is ill or otherwise temporarily incapacitated you could pick up dinner and mail or be of help in some way to your neighbor in need. Contact Kim to sign up.